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Electus Pets V4

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Version 4 of Electus Pets (formerly known as kr_pets)


  • If you want all pet models (including horses and donkeys). They can be downloaded here.
  • For everyone who owns kr_pets it is the same asset so do not buy this version since every major script update is offered for free.


  • Fast Interaction - default button Z. Use this to command your pet easily. You can also see what pets are in range to be commanded. The interactions are follow, go to, attack and sniff.
  • Levels - Every level gives you one skill point which is used to upgrade skills or unlock abilities.
  • Skills - You can upgrade your pet to be better at certain things. The skills are:
  • Bravery - Upgrade to decrease the risk of your pet fleeing when attacking
  • Speed - Make your pet run faster
  • Health - Increase your pet's health
  • Thoughness - Decrese rate of starvation and dehyrdation for your pet
  • Sniffing - Increase the chance of finding a sniffed item
  • Obedience - Increase the obedience of your pet (following and riding
  • Abiltiies - Unlock special abilities for your pet
  • Add health from eating abiltity - Adds health whenever your pet is hungry and eats
  • Search Vehicles - Ability to search/sniff the trunk of a vehicle and find already sniffed items
  • Attack Wheels - Makes your pet able to attack wheels and puncture the wheel.
  • Auto Attack - Your pet will automatically attack when your get damaged by another ped who is not in your friend list (if enabled)
  • More Daily Tasks - Unlocks more daily tasks to gain even more XP
  • Guard Area - Makes the pet wander the area and attack anyone who is not in your friend list [/details]
  • Daily tasks - Every day there are new tasks for you and your pet to complete in order to gain more XP
  • Job specifics - Limit sniffing or/and attacking to only some jobs
  • Friends - Add new friends or jobs as friendly. This will prohibit the pet from attacking someone in the friend list.
  • Themes - Change the style of the UI
  • Accessories - Over 400 compatabilities with accessories
  • Shops - 3 Shops by default (pet, exotic and farm) but also a police pet shop
  • Riding - Ride horses with a smooth experience
  • Veterinary - See the progress on your hurt pet and also when you can take them out
  • Leash - Does your pet have low obedience? Put them on leash so they don't walk away
  • Vehicles - If you set your pet to follow, it will follow you inside vehicles. You can also make them go inside vehicles with goto.
  • Pet Bag Inventory - Does your pet have a bag as an accessory? Then you can access it with a pin code and use it as a regular inventory
  • Custom Pet Houses - Add your own pet house or use the default one
  • Emote - Cool dog emotes
  • Carry - Carry your pet
  • Breeding - Your pets will breed if they are compatible (configurable)
  • Receive Event - Use a event to insert the pet model and


If the script does not work after getting support to fix the potential issue a refund will be made, but proof of the script not working must be provided.


  • QB-Core/ESX.


  • Any target system


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