Electus Bodyguards


Package Description

Electus Bodyguards

Does your server lack active police officers? Then this is the solution!


  • The script can be used on servers that lack criminal forces or police officers to even out the playing field for all members involved.

  • Three different types of bodyguards (police, gang and regular bodyguards).

  • All types of bodyguards can be restricted by job e.g. police reinforcements.
  • Tons of configurable features such as ped models, weapon models, all prices, price deductions, speed metrics, maximum slots and currency.
  • In theory, you can have unlimited amounts of bodyguards (for obvious reasons it's not recommended).
  • All bodyguards are good at different things. These things can be divided into three things which are shooting, driving and armor.
  • Vehicle menu is integrated into the script to make it easy to switch places between bodyguards so they can drive you around.


  • A bodyguard is rented for a selectable amount of time and the price is decided depending on the time.

  • The purchased bodyguard will not disappear until the time is over or if the user chooses to terminate the contract.

  • Terminate contract will delete the bodyguard completely.
  • Claim insurance will spawn a new bodyguard if the last one is dead (can only be done in a shop).
  • Put on leave/Reinstate bodyguard can be used if you simply don't want the bodyguard active for the moment.
  • You can interact with a single bodyguard with a target system or default button G, there you can tell them to stay still, follow you or put them on leave.
  • You can interact with all your bodyguards via these commands /bodyguard_stay and /bodyguard_follow


If the script does not work after getting support to fix the potential issue a refund will be made, but proof of the script not working must be provided.


  • QB-Core/ESX.

  • Target system is optional but target system such as qtarget and qb-target is recommended.


Idle 0.00ms. Idle with a bodyguard out 0.01ms. Max 0.06-0.07ms when doing a task.